Sculptures & Artefacts

Sculptures & Artefacts are a bespoke and an elegant form of art which is often used for decorative interests. They are made out from Natural Stone, particularly Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone and Travertine, which usually occupies the middle art of spectrum. 

These are minimal, elegant, sturdy-in-nature and versatile. Often representing the mobility art of historical civilization, it peeks into their unique cultures and affirmative interests.

In addition to that, our Sculptures & Artefacts are both rough-hewn and delicately polished which gives you commendable choices of colours, quality and hardness. Besides being an immortal art of legacy for generations to come they tell an ancient story and cultural beliefs of our bygone centuries. 

We at Verticove Enterprises, deliver our clients with perfectly edged and charismatic sculptures and artefacts at affordable and reasonable prices, which can be also customized according to the needs of our clientele. 

Our Sculptures and Artefacts are handcrafted and forged by women artisans from rural villages, empowering women employment and socio-culture beliefs.