Brown Rainforest Marble

Porosity/Permeability – Rainforest Brown Marble has almost negligible porosity ranging between 0.2 to 4%.

Thermal Stability – Marble is thermally highly stable, so Rainforest Green Marble shows no changes with the changing temperature. Rainforest Green Marble is impervious to weathering from temperature and even from the air borne chemicals. Rainforest Green Marble is the highly resistance to chemical erosion which makes marbleuseful for making tanks to store highly caustic material.

Co-efficient of Expansion – The co-efficient of expansion for granite varies from 4.7×10-6 – 9.0×10-6(inch x inch).

Variegation – Rainforest Green Marble shows consistency in color and texture.

Hardness – Rainforest Brown Marble is the hardest building stone and hardness of marble that lends it excellent wear.

Marble Composition – Marble is formed of quartz and orthoclase or microcline. The principal constituents of Rainforest Marble Marble are: Feldspar, Quartz & Biotite. Now it’s important to note that the percentage composition of each varies and accordingly impart different color and texture to the final product. The percentage composition of feldspar varies between 65-90%, of quartz can extend from 10 to 60% and that of biotite lies between 10 to 15%. Because of these varying minerals percentage in the formation we are seeing numerous natural marble colors.

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Product Details

Place of Origin: Rajasthan, India
Brand Name: Verticove
Color: Brown
Surface Finishing: Polished
Marble Type: Calcite
Stone Form: Big Slab
Stone Name: Brown Rainforest Marble
Usage: Indoor,Outdoor,wall cladding,kitchentop,Headstones etc.
Size: 30×30,30×60,60×60, 65×100, 70×150,100×100,customized
Thickness: Standard 8-30 mm. or Customized
Finished: Polish, Antique, Snadblast, Flamed, Swan, Leather etc.
Packing: slab seaworthy/wooden crates, bubble film-wooden crates for sculptures
Application: Kitchen Top, Vanity Top, Flooring, Sclptures, Wall Cladding,Wash Basin
Type: Marble